West Walton Park Senior Baseball Field & Stadium


The design and the intent of the West Walton Park Senior Baseball Field and Stadium was to incorporate and contain the sounds of baseball. The wooden wall echoes each ball hit. The bleacher cover helps contain the popping of the mit by the pitcher. This field is the pride of all of the American legion Post 233. Their donation of $400,000. along with the dedication of the recreation staff made this field a reality.

315 feet down the Lines with 8 foot wooden wall and 370 feet in center field with a 12 foot wooden wall and batters eye. This field has two fenced bull pins down each line.

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The field has a 12 foot warning track all the way around made of Crimson Stone. The outside of the field is well landscaped with knockout roses and Cryptomira trees lining the hills on each side of the field.This park is a great place to play a game and to watch a game.

Turf & Drainage

The field has Bermuda 419 turf and perfect blend of clay and sand for the skinned areas. An in ground water reel behind the mound assists with keeping proper moisture for the infield. 

The infield has a drainage system with 4 feet of 89 stone along with 4 inches of sand and 4' inches of infield mix on the skinned areas or 4 inches of sandy topsoil on the grass areas. Gravity fed pipes collect the water and deposit beyond the out field fence. The outfield has two french drains that help contain the sheeting of water during heavy rains.


A picnic area on the home side and a double batting cage with an iron mike pitching machine on the visitors. Both located beside the clubhouses. The clubhouses are connected to the dugouts and each have 20 wooden lockers. The sunken dugouts are handicap accessible from the locker rooms. The home side locker has bathrooms, showers and a coaches / umpire office.

The bleachers accommodate approximately 600 seats with backrest. The backrest and risers are coated green for a good fielders eye. A press box centers the bleachers with scoreboard controls and sound system. Bleachers are covered with a solid steel structure with no poles in front to block the view.

Photo Gallery

If you want to view more photos of this facility please visit their photo gallery.