How Can We Help You?


The following are tasks that this department can assist you with on the county right-of-way:

  • Community Service Litter Pick-Up
  • Dirt Road Maintenance
  • Pothole Repair
  • ROW Grass Maintenance
  • Storm Water Management

For assistance with any of these tasks please call (770) 267-1350 or place a work order online from.

Winding road with sunlight breaking through the trees
Fence with garbage disposal signs


Please keep in mind that recycling is free. The following are several waste disposal options which Walton County has made readily available to its citizens:

  • Green Bag Program: Walton County’s special 32 gallon "Green Bags" with county emblem are available at local grocery and convenience stores. These bags can be taken to one of the county’s six Convenience Centers.
  • Illegal Dumping, littering or the burning of household garbage is against the law and should be reported by calling the Environmental Patrol Officer at 770-267-1485. After hours, contact 770-464-0310 and request referral to the Sheriff’s Department.
  • Private Haulers: Private Haulers have been selected to serve Walton County by providing roadside trash pick-up.
  • To dispose of larger objects please contact Keep Walton Beautiful.
  • Yard Debris Removal: Walton County does not provide yard debris removal. Contact a privately owned inert landfill or follow Georgia Forestry burning guidelines in order to dispose of yard waste.