Criminal Cases

Responsibilities & Warrants

The Magistrate Court is responsible for the following criminal actions. As of January 1, 2013, all criminal warrants will be issued using EZ Warrant.

Online Access

The Magistrate Court is now providing online access to civil cases through the following Walton Magistrate website. This will allow for viewing of criminal warrants issued through the Magistrate Court.

 Criminal Cases Explanations

Felony Warrants, Misdemeanor Warrants, Good Behavior Warrants, Search Warrants
Initial Appearance Hearings, Prewarrant Hearings, Preliminary Hearings
Misdemeanor Criminal Offenses
Deposit Account Fraud, Possession of marijuana less than (1)oz, Theft by Shoplifting, Furnishing alcohol to a minor, Criminal Trespass
County Ordinance / Code Violations
All criminal offenses adopted under State statute in the Walton County Code of Ordinances.
Animal Control
All criminal offenses adopted in the Walton County Code of Ordinances relating to Animal Control.