Uniform Patrol

Patrol Vehicle

The Patrol Deputies are the most visible members of the Walton County Sheriff’s Office. The primary responsibilities of the Deputies assigned to the Division are to provide protection of life, individual liberty and property; the enforcement of State laws, and county ordinances within the Agency’s Jurisdiction and the detection and arrest of violators of the law. The Divisions functions are broad based and include many tasks other than the enforcement of laws.


Walton County consists of approximately 329 square miles, which is divided into seven main patrol zones and three cities including Monroe, Social Circle, and Loganville. Most Deputies are assigned permanent patrol beats allowing them to be familiar with the area and the citizens within their zone.


The Uniform Patrol Division answers an average of 116,867 calls for service, self initiated contacts, and area checks per year. That is over 320 calls per day on average!

Patrol Shifts

The Patrol Deputies work varying shifts with the majority divided into four squads, which work rotating 12 hour shifts. There is also a Westside Precinct located in Loganville, an Eastside Precinct located in Good Hope, and a Walnut Grove Precinct.